Follow these tips to store green peas

Benefits Of Green Peas: Green peas which are very tasty to eat. It enhances the taste of food. So let’s know about some easy ways to store green peas for a long time.

New Delhi. Kitchen Hacks: Green peas not only enhance the taste of food. Along with this, it is also good for health. It is a very good source of protein. Along with protein, fiber is also found in abundance in it. Which not only strengthens the immunity, but also keeps the cholesterol level under control. Green peas can be used in many ways. Increases the taste of the vegetable two times. Along with this, zinc and potassium are also found in abundance in it, which are very good for the eyes. That’s why today we will tell you about some such easy tips, with the help of which you can store green peas for a long time and keep them fresh as they are.

First of all, know what are the important things to keep in mind
Always keep the peas peeled. Because if you keep the peas with the peel, it will spoil quickly. And at the same time, keep in mind that while peeling the peas, keep those peas with thick skins in a separate polythene, and keep the small ones which are fresh peas separately. Fresh small peas can spoil quickly because they are raw.
Do not keep peas together in big polythenes, instead use small polythenes.
Whatever peas you have stored, first put them in water for a while, use the felt so that they come to normal temperature.

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Benefits Of Green Peas

How can you store peas for months?
First of all, always keep in mind that whenever you want to store peas, then always buy peas of better quality. Otherwise poor quality peas will not last long. Keep this in mind to separate spoiled peas, or store uncooked peas separately. After that take any home utensil, take water in it, then mix some sugar. After this, slowly boil the peas and bring them to a boil. After this, take out the peas and put them in any ice vessel. After 3-4 minutes, put the peas in any polythene, zip-lined polythene or tight container. And then store it in the freezer. By doing this your green peas will stay fresh for months and will not spoil.

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