Garam Masala, which enhances the taste of food in a pinch, has disadvantages as well, Is Garam Masala Good Or Bad For Health In Hindi

Is Garam Masala Good Or Bad For Health: Garam Masala has been used to enhance the taste and taste in vegetables or other dishes. Many of us will be aware of the secret of good health hidden in it. But there are some precautions in its consumption, which are necessary to be kept.

New Delhi. Is Garam Masala Good Or Bad For Health: The whole game is of spices in food or any dish. Spices not only enhance the taste of food but also attract food items to eat due to their aroma and colour. Every spice found in the kitchen has its own importance. Along with easy digestion of food, remedies for many diseases are also associated with them. Apart from this, many medicines are also made by spices.

One of these is garam masala which is the pride of every Indian kitchen. A pinch of garam masala enhances the taste of the food. Garam masala is a mixture of different types of spices. But the importance of garam masala is not limited only to enhance the taste of the dishes, but it has many benefits as well as some disadvantages.

Let us know how we can get rid of many physical problems by using it:

1. Digestion
Many problems of our body can be solved with a healthy stomach or smooth digestion. The fiber found in garam masala improves digestion and removes the problem of constipation.

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2. Diabetes
As you know, garam masala is made by grinding many spices. One of which is cumin. Cumin is effective for diabetic patients while reducing the symptoms of diabetes.

3. Cancer
Garam masala can also be a better option to fight a dangerous disease like cancer. The spices used to make it are black pepper and red chili. Which have anti-cancer symptoms.

4. Resistance
Coriander used in making garam masala is rich in zinc, which strengthens the immune system and protects us from various diseases.

Harm: Although garam masala helps us in fighting many diseases, some disadvantages are also associated with its wrong or excessive use.

1. The taste of garam masala is very hot. Due to which excessive and regular consumption of it can cause problems like burning in the stomach, piles, constipation, heartburn.

2. Due to the high amount of sodium in garam masala, a person may suffer from high blood pressure due to its excessive consumption.

3. Apart from this, problems like nausea and vomiting can also be faced due to excessive use of garam masala.


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