Google brings back its biggest doodle game ‘Doodle Champion Island’ to celebrate Paralympics 2020

The Paralympic tournament is starting from today. In such a situation, Google has brought back its biggest doodle game ever, ‘Doodle Champion Island’.

New Delhi. Tokyo Paralympic 2020. After the successful conduct of Tokyo Olympics 2020, the Paralympic tournament is starting in Tokyo on Tuesday i.e. today. In such a situation, Google has brought back its biggest doodle game ever, Doodle Champion Island. The sport was originally designed and launched to celebrate the spirit of the Olympics. Let us tell you that the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games will be held between 24 August 2021 -5 September 2021.

How will this game start

This Google doodle game starts when you go to the search homepage and click on the doodle shown there. Lucky, the main character of the game, transports you to an island where a sports festival is going on. This is one way to depict the Tokyo Paralympics starting today. Let this doodle champion island have seven game mini-games, legendary rivals and dozens of daring side quests.

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Let us tell you that this game relaunched by Google has also introduced some bonus levels and brand mew side quests. Whereas if you want to experience the all new Google Doodle game, just log on to Then click on Google Doodle and start playing.

Google launched this game on the occasion of Tokyo Olympics

It is worth noting that earlier Google launched its doodle game ‘Doodle Champion Island’ on the occasion of the start of Tokyo Olympics 2020. It had seven mini-games, legendary rivalries and dozens of contests in animated form. In this the user was given the facility to play Ninja Cat game with real time leaderboard. The user can play the game with four teams Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. The seven mini games were table tennis, skateboarding, archery, rugby, swimming, climbing and marathon.


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