Know Which Metal Utensils Cooked Food Is Beneficial For Health – Health News: Know Which Metal Utensils Cooked Food Is Good For Health, Read Here

Health News: Cooking and eating in utensils also has its effect on the body. In the old times, silver, brass and iron utensils were used the most in homes.

Health News: Cooking and eating in utensils also has its effect on the body. In the olden times, silver, brass and iron utensils were used the most in homes, in which the micro-elements present in the body work to increase immunity by going into the body along with food. The elements from which these utensils are made are prepared by taking them out of the ground, which have all kinds of properties which are very beneficial for the body.

The special thing is that by cooking or eating food in utensils made of these metals, whatever contaminants are inside the body gets out. The elements present in the utensils made of these metals show positive effect by going to the body. The thing to keep in mind is that by cooking or eating food in the steel and aluminum utensils used in the present times, the elements present in them also go inside the body, due to which the internal balance of the body is disturbed. Its negative effect is visible on the body after a long time.

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pottery: coolness
The nutrients of the food are not destroyed by cooking in an earthen pot. The water of the jug being cold quenches thirst and does not harm. Also improves digestion capacity. By eating food made on them, harmful elements do not go into the body.

Iron: Relief from anemia
There is no shortage of blood and iron in the body by eating food made in iron utensils. These utensils contain sufficient amount of iron, which reaches the body in a balanced form by mixing food. Such people who have iron deficiency, especially women, must take food prepared in iron utensils. If the vegetable is made in an iron pan, then the nutrients will be fulfilled.

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Brass: Digestive system
Brass is a mixture of copper and bronze. When food is cooked in this vessel on high fire, the elements of this metal get absorbed in the food, due to which the food remains safe for a long time. Drinking water in a brass pot increases the immunity of the body and keeps the mind calm and the digestive system healthy. In ancient times, brass utensils were used in worship as they are considered sacred.

Benefits of cooking in leaves
The leaf is the purest in which there is no contaminant of any kind. By eating hot food in green banana leaves, the healthy bacteria present in it go into the stomach along with the food. It strengthens the intestines and increases its efficiency. Cooking in leaves also has many benefits. The leaves of turmeric, bananas and other plants have antibacterial properties. If the food is cooked by wrapping it in these leaves, then it is very healthy and tasty. There are bacteria present in these leaves which go into the body and heal the digestive system. Along with this, the water used in that food works to purify it.

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Silver: Strong bones
Silver is also pure. By eating food in its utensils, the elements present in it easily reach the body. These elements balance the body’s bones, muscles and immunity. Any element that reduces the immunity of the body, it works to stop or eliminate the subtle elements present in silver. Also improves blood circulation.

gold: mind healthy
Gold is pure and pure. By eating food in a golden vessel, the subtle elements present in this metal go to the body and strengthen the body and increase immunity. It is also said that eating in a golden vessel keeps the mind and mind healthy and the person energetic.

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Copper : BP controlled
By drinking water kept in a copper vessel, bodily purification occurs through urine and sweat. The elements present in this metal make the water cool as well as purify it. By drinking water kept in a copper vessel in the morning, the body feels energized. By doing this regularly, blood pressure is controlled and stomach related disorders are also removed.

If you do not eat in these utensils then do this…
If you do not eat food prepared or served in gold, silver, copper, brass and iron utensils, then once a year, you can take ‘Shodhan Therapy’ with the advice of an Ayurveda specialist. These therapies are given according to the season. With its help, remove the toxic elements from the body and increase the immunity. The following are the parts of therapy…

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By entering the medicine through the anus, it removes the contaminated elements of the body. This therapy is mainly given after or in the middle of the rain.

Removes harmful substances through diarrhea. This therapy is usually given in the beginning of winter.

Vomiting removes toxic substances from the body. This purification process is usually done in the spring.


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