Patrika Lifeline And ENT Expert And Speak Laud Is Harmful

Answers to questions related to ENT in the magazine Life Line Live

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Question- My voice has changed since almost two years. It takes a lot of energy to speak. There is pain in the chest when talking too much. After many treatments and tests, there is no relief.
-Vishnu Chandra, Karauli
Answer- There are two vocal chords in the larynx. In these, the voice changes with pain. Swelling or rash-like vocal nodules are formed in them due to loud speaking, shouting. Smoking also changes the voice. It can also be a symptom of cancer. This also happens due to acidity. So drink lots of water. Avoid eating too much fried food. See a doctor on time. You can get binoculars checked in it. If the change in voice is more than 15 days, see a doctor immediately. The situation could be serious. Don’t speak too often. Keep your stomach in good shape. Stomach acid can also cause such a problem.
Question- My father is not getting fragrance for a long time. What is its treatment?
a reader
Question- I am 62 years old. I do not know the smell and smell. What is the reason for this. Can it be treated?
Kedar, Jaipur
Answer: Loss of smell is called anosmia. If this is due to corona, then this problem can last for six months. If it is not then it could be due to several reasons. After corona infection, some people have this problem for six months. Other causes include allergies, cold-sinus, swelling or polyp formation inside the nose, disturbances in the nervous system, injury etc. Show the doctor. The reason will be known by examining the telescope. Avoid dust, smoke and cold.


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