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Answers to questions related to ENT in the magazine Life Line Live

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Question- I have mild pain in my throat since last three weeks. Sometimes there is mild itching. There is also a dry cough. There are no symptoms like fever yet. When I give more speech, the pain increases. Dry cough increases when cold air is inhaled. Tell me the treatment
– Somprakash
Answer- It can be due to prolonged allergy. This can happen if any irritant ie allergic factor touches the respiratory tract. This problem can also happen due to gas problem. Keep drinking water in between. This prevents throat infection. Do not drink refrigerator water now. can take steam. Show the doctor. Sometimes a dry cough is also caused by lung disease.

Question- I am having phlegm in my throat since 10 days. Having trouble swallowing. There is no cold or cough.
-Shekhar, Bhopal
Answer- There can be many reasons for sore throat and dry cough. This problem can last for a few days after the viral infection. Allergies, acidity and dryness in the throat can also be the reason for this. Drink sufficient amount of water. Take steam after two to three days in a day. If you don’t get relief, see a doctor. Not much to worry about.


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