Patrika Lifeline And ENT Expert, Hear Ad Mashin – Do not buy hearing aids without medical advice, there may be problems

Answers to questions related to ENT in the magazine Life Line Live

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Question- I am about 70 years old. I want to buy machine for ear. What are the things to be kept in mind while buying a machine? give advice?
Naval Kishore
Answer- Avoid buying hearing aids directly from the shop. Sometimes buying a machine of more or less power than needed can cause damage. Before buying, check with the doctor to find out how many decibels you have lost. Only then decide which machine to take. Get the machine from shops where it can be upgraded if needed or else fulfill its warranty. There the technician should also be a degree holder so that he can set up properly.

Question- My father is 61 years old. He has a sore throat since two-three months. There is trouble in eating and drinking. The sound is low. Tola speaks. The jaw also doesn’t work properly. Sometimes water comes from the nose. Seen many doctors but there is no relief. Give proper advice.
Gaurav, Karauli
Answer- It is possible that your father has some neurological problem. The symptoms seem to be the same. Sometimes the water coming from the nose also comes due to the paralysis of the palate. If the palate is not closed, water comes from the nose. Apart from this, there is a problem in the jaw. It seems to be a neuro related problem. See a neurophysician. Chances are your father will get relief.

Question to myself- My daughter is eight years old. He often has a problem of mumps. Give advice Wouldn’t getting the mumps vaccine work?
a female reader
Answer- Mumps vaccine is given at the age of 12-15 months. Its boost dose is also applied at the age of five years. Consult your pediatrician for this. Also, it is true that it can be completely prevented by getting vaccinated. Be sure to know about the vaccine.


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