Patrika Lifeline And ENT Expert, Synus And Allergy Problems – Sinus and allergies leak inside the throat, causing sore throat

Answers to questions related to ENT in the magazine Life Line Live

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Question- There is a problem of phlegm in the throat since one year. The doctor has told post nasal discharge. Took treatment but no relief. Tell me the treatment
a reader
Answer- Post nasal discharge means the nose is leaking from inside. It goes in the throat. This hurts the throat. This problem is such a problem in both sinus and allergies. If necessary, CT scan and nasal binocular examination can also be done. There is a proper treatment for this. will be fine. It’s nothing to be worried about. Show the doctor. Take steam. There can be benefit in this.
Question- I am 32 years old. There always seems to be something stuck in the throat. Tell me the treatment
A reader, Chhindwara
Answer- If your age is less then such problem is rarely seen. Sometimes it can be confusing. This is called globus hystericus. To remove doubts, you can find out by examining the telescope of the throat. Some people may also have mental problems. It does not even require hospitalization.


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