Pregnant Women Should Take Special Care Of These Things In Winter

  • What are the things women should keep in mind during the winter season during pregnancy
  • Cough and infection can cause discomfort in cold weather

New Delhi. As soon as pregnancy starts, every woman has to take special care of her body along with the baby. Women who are going to become mothers for the first time, especially they should be aware of the change of every season. Women may have to face many problems during the winter season. Therefore, pregnant women need special care during the winter season. Today we are telling you what things women should keep in mind during pregnancy in the winter season.

it is necessary to drink water

During the winter season, thirst is felt very less, due to which there is a lack of water in the body. At such times pregnant women may not feel thirsty but should keep drinking enough water. So that the body remains hydrated. Also, drink plenty of fluids.

Eat seasonal fruits in winter

In the winter season, many types of greens from vegetables to seasonal fruits are available, which are very beneficial for health, in such a situation, pregnant women should consume seasonal fruits in maximum quantity so that the child can grow properly.

take care of skin

Pregnant women should also take special care of their skin during the winter season. Vitamin C rich foods should always be consumed to keep the skin moisturized. Like orange or orange juice. Apart from this, before sleeping at night, drink almond milk and sleep. Due to which the body will get warm and sleep will also be good.


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