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Mental health: achievement important, but not at the cost of health

By: pushpesh

Published: 04 Aug 2021, 01:00 AM IST

Mental The withdrawal of American athlete Simone Biles from the Olympics for reasons is a big message for children. According to American child psychiatrist Dr. Helen Egger, mental health is part of our overall health and wellness. Like Simone, a long-term loss of health for short-term achievement makes sense when you need it most. Biles’ decision is a major change from previous years, as athletes are expected to prioritize winning over health and safety. In 1996, American gymnast Kerry Strug performed despite an ankle injury. After that performance, Carey was beheaded by the country, but she could never play again.

concentration required
Biles’ withdrawal is also an appropriate move, as gymnasts or other athletes are unable to concentrate without being mentally fit, their bodies and minds not aware of where they will go after being tossed into the air. Concentration is necessary for good performance in all sports.

don’t forget yourself
Biles has displayed great courage by prioritizing health and safety in the face of the pressure of victory. This can be an example to the children that in a world that seeks to win at all costs, we should not forget our own victories.

Understand parental responsibility: Biles’ decision is also a matter of concern for parents. Don’t stifle your child’s safety under your ambitions.

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