some useful tips to overcome post covid anxiety

Post Covid Anxiety: After recovering from corona, the problem of post covid anxiety has been seen in many people. A fear has formed in people’s mind, they include things like worries, loneliness.

New Delhi. Post Covid Anxiety: Corona pandemic which changed the whole world. made millions homeless. It also caused unemployment. Do not know how many innocent children became orphans. This pandemic has created a new type of problems in everyone’s life. From which it is still facing difficulty to recover. The period of this pandemic and lockdown has been one of the most difficult times for us.
An epidemic like Kovid leaves some symptoms even after recovery. Such as feeling of lack of sleep, not being able to sleep properly, body pain, tension, anxiety, etc. All these symptoms are being seen in post covid patients.
Many experts also agree that after recovering from covid patients, sometimes they also get mental stress. Due to Corona, we have to defeat this too. Social distance is also to be taken care of. And keep helping each other. Only then we will all be able to overcome this situation.

keep sharing your problems
In a serious situation like lockdown, it becomes difficult to leave the house. So don’t consider yourself alone. Keep talking to your family or friends. Keep sharing your problems with them. They will definitely help in some way or the other. That’s why it is better to consider yourself alone, definitely tell your story to special people.

try to keep yourself busy
Sitting empty sometimes leads to more stress. So keep yourself busy somewhere so that your mind remains busy. You can also do your favorite work. Such as dancing or learning, listening to songs, reading articles and expressing your views etc. By doing all this, you will also stay away from stress and your skills will also improve.

don’t misunderstand yourself
Many times problems like anger or irritability are seen in patients recovering from Kovid. They consider themselves wrong in everything. While there is nothing like that. Most of the mistakes happen. And they can be improved. So it is wrong to worry or think. Be tension free, give rest to the body for a few days because there is pain in the body during covid. So believe in yourself.

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