Beauty Tips : How To Do Manicure And Pedicure At Home

It is better to go out and take a beauty treatment during the Corona period, by adopting some easy tips and use home remedies at home.

With dressing in any function or event, it is necessary to look perfect and attractive in the design of nailpaints and hands and feet. This will add to your personality and look. According to experts, you can do manicure and pedicure even sitting at home. In this transition period of Corona, it becomes even more important so that you can enhance your beauty more at home instead of going out.

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keep your skin soft
Due to continuous household work, the skin of hands and feet starts getting dry. First of all, clean the hands and feet thoroughly with soap. Then start the manicure-pedicure process by immersing hands and feet in lukewarm water mixed with salt. During this, remove the already applied nail polish with cotton and nailpaint remover.

Gently scrub the skin
After cleaning the hands and feet, wash them thoroughly with water mixed with shampoo, lemon drops for some time. Clean the nails with a nail brush. Now scrub the skin of the hands and feet and the area around the nails with light hands with any scrub. This will remove the dead cells. Rub the heel with the help of a stone.

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In this way you can give attractive shape to nails
The main purpose of manicure and pedicure is to make nails look beautiful. After improving the skin tone, clean the hands and feet with a soft cloth. Then with the help of nail cutter, first of all clean the nails closely. Moisturize the skin with a lotion and cut the nails and apply nailpaint.


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