Children In This Way The Difference Between GOOD TOUCH-BAD TOUC

  • Every mother should explain to her children the difference between good touch and bad touch.
  • Know how you can explain to your children the difference between good and bad touch

New Delhi. With the incidents of rape happening fast in the country, cases of child abuse and murder of children are being seen day by day. In today’s time, every mother is also afraid to send her daughters out. Because when the girl playing in the mother’s circle becomes a victim, no one knows. Therefore, when the child goes to school, every mother should definitely explain the difference between good touch and bad touch to her children. So that they can avoid being a victim of such incident anytime. So know how you can explain to your children the difference between good and bed touch.


Nowadays many types of videos are found on social media. Which are specially made for children. So make the children sit with you and show this video with great love. Make sure that the video is not full of obscenity.


If you are hesitant to identify the good and bad to the child, then through the picture you can tell your things very well about GOOD TOUCH-BAD TOUCH. By making pictures, tell through this that any person can touch which part of the child’s body and which part cannot. Remember that whatever picture or chart you are making, it should be colourful. Colors stay in our mind for a long time.

Question Answer

All the things can be easily understood by the children through question and answer. For example, you can ask the child that when someone loves them, where does he touch the child’s body? Listen to the answer with great love. If the child is hesitant to tell then ask him very lovingly and tell about GOOD TOUCH-BAD TOUCH.


You can easily tell your point by doing stories for children. Explain this by creating many characters based on your story. Tell the character who touches the bed like a monster so that this thing settles in the mind of the children and also tell in the story that there are many good people in this world, whom we can trust.


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