Corona Infected Patient May Get Second Dose Of Vaccine? – CORONA VACCINATION : Can a corona infected patient get a second dose of the vaccine?

The country’s largest anti-corona vaccination campaign has started to deal with the epidemic. First of all, Corona Warrior i.e. frontline workers and paramedical staff, civil servants, police, army are getting Corona Kavach i.e. Kovishield and indigenous covaccine. Many questions are arising in the mind of the common man regarding vaccine and vaccination. Answering every question related to this.

Vaccines: Need, Safety and Effects

Question: Does everyone need to get the corona vaccine?
The corona virus vaccine is voluntary. It is necessary to take both doses of the vaccine to protect against corona virus infection.

Question: This vaccine is made in a very short time, how safe is it?
Prior to approval, the vaccine is tested for safety and efficacy data from clinical trials. Approval is given for use after reviewing the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

Question: Is the vaccine necessary for people who have recovered?
The vaccine will help develop a strong immune system in the body. That’s why it is necessary to install.
Vaccine : Registration
Question: Is registration necessary for the vaccine?
Registration is mandatory to get the corona vaccine. Information about the stage, date, time and booth will be given only after the examination of the application.

Question: What are the documents required for registration?
Any one of the Aadhar Card, Voter Card, PAN Card, Passport, Driving License, Pension Document is necessary for registration. Apart from this, you can also use health insurance smart card, MNREGA card, passbook and ID card of bank or post office.

Question: Is photo ID mandatory?
Photo ID is necessary for verification after registration. To make sure that the right person has got the vaccine.
Question: What to do after getting the vaccine?
After vaccination, SMS will come on the person’s mobile. After the second dose, the QR code based certificate will come on the mobile. By scanning which information about vaccination will come.
After getting the vaccine…

Question: What are the things to be kept in mind after getting the vaccine?
After getting the vaccine, you will have to rest there for 30 minutes. If there is any discomfort or discomfort later, inform the Health Officer, ANM or ASHA. It will be mandatory to follow the rules like wearing of mask, hand hygiene and physical distance.

Question: Are there any side effects after getting the vaccine?
After vaccination, mild fever, body pain, headache means that the vaccine is having an effect on the body. There is no need to worry about this. This happens with other vaccines as well. If the problem is severe, then immediately contact the local health center.

Question: After how long after the vaccine will antibodies develop?
Protective levels of antibodies develop two weeks after taking the second dose of the vaccine.
Question: Will the family of healthcare and frontline workers also get the vaccine?
In the initial phase, the vaccine will be given to the priority category people. Later the vaccine will be made available to everyone.
Second dose of vaccine…

Question: When can the second vaccine be given?
Kovid-19 and other vaccines can be administered only at an interval of 14-21 days.

Question: What to do if someone gets infected after the first dose of the vaccine?
It takes more than 14 days for antibodies to develop after a single dose of the vaccine. So getting infected is not serious. You can talk to the helpline number found during registration for the vaccine.

Question: Can I get the second dose of vaccine from other company?
No, you cannot get another company’s vaccine for the second dose. If you have got Covaccine, then after 14 days you will have to get the same vaccine in the second dose.

Question: Can an infected patient get the vaccine?
No, an infected patient can get the vaccine only after 14 days of recovery.


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