Depression During Pregnancy Can Become A Major Danger For Women

  • Postpartum depression can happen to women after delivery
  • Postpartum depression can start within two to three days after delivery.

New Delhi. If the tension or stress is for some time, then it goes on but when it remains for a long time then it becomes very dangerous for the human being. Because by taking too much stress people go into depression. Which is enough to break the body. Similarly, some women have a lot of stress during pregnancy. About which even the experts say. That this thing is common among pregnant women, but due to its increase many times women themselves do not understand that they have depression.

Depression in pregnant women can also be harmful for the mother and the unborn child. To deal with this problem, it is necessary to have knowledge related to it.

What is depression during pregnancy?

There are many changes in the body of women during pregnancy. In which there is an increase in stress due to hormonal changes. Which can also be called a kind of mood disorder in simple language. It stays inside the person for weeks or months. Which greatly affects the body. Its effect on pregnant women is rapid.

How to recognize depression in pregnancy

  • Crying without reason
  • Feeling tired but unable to sleep.
  • Never sleep too much.
  • Increased interest in food.
  • Problems of pain in many parts of the body, anger, anxiety etc.
  • Feeling out of control.
  • Feeling difficult to remember things.
  • Depression affecting pregnancy

Depression during pregnancy can have a bad effect on the mind and personality. A research revealed that it is important to pay attention to such problems during pregnancy. If pregnant women ignore this, then it can be even more dangerous. Due to which the mental and physical development of the child can also stop. It is often seen that the stressed mother is unable to take care of the baby properly. Due to which the baby may be born prematurely (preterm birth) and lack of weight in it (low birth weight).

This not only affects the physical development of the child but also has a bad effect on the mental development.


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