Due To Weakness In Muscles, Shoulder Pain Occurs – Hello Doctor

Question: There is strange sound in stomach. Gas is formed in the stomach all the time. Tell me some solution?
Shankar Kumar, 35 years old

Answer: It mainly happens due to bad routine and wrong diet. To avoid this, daily exercise is very important. Along with this, eat less fast food and greasy things. Along with this, it is also to be seen that you are not allergic to any food. This could be a problem as well. Also set the time for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Question: My left shoulder muscles are weak. Whenever I exercise, my shoulder gets crooked. What is its treatment? – Kapil Parihar, 18 years old
Answer: Stop exercising now. This problem occurs due to the weakening of the shoulder muscles. Repeatedly having this problem is a symptom of a serious disease. Immediately see an orthopedic surgeon. This can also compress the nerves. Then the problem will increase.
Question: I am taking insulin since 5-6 years. This reduced my height and weight. What to do to increase it? -Ajay, 20 years old
Answer: You probably have type 1 or insulin dependent diabetes. Height increases only by the age of 18-19 years. You will no longer grow old. Take more calories to gain weight. Along with one hour walk is necessary. It is difficult to gain weight with insulin. Avoid eating junk food in this situation. Sugar level may increase. Trouble will increase.
Question: My diet is high. I eat a lot of food too. Even after this the weight is not increasing. Why does this happen? – Mukesh, 20 years old, Suratgarh and other visitors
Answer: There can be many reasons for not gaining weight. First find out how your metabolism is. Those who have more food get digested quickly. Weight does not increase. Avoid eating sugary-greasy food to gain weight. This will increase obesity, but if you take a healthy diet, then you will gain weight in the true sense.


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