Gucci sells Indian kurta at Rs 2.55 lakh Whip up funny memes on twitter

The world’s famous fashion brand Gucci is selling kurtas from simple to millions, social media users showed mirror

New Delhi. The world’s famous Italian fashion house ‘Gucci’ is once again in the headlines. The reason for her coming into the limelight this time is Indian apparel. Gucci has been the center of discussion among social media users these days.

In fact, Gucci is selling a linen kaftan that looks like an Indian traditional kurti. The special thing is that the price of these kaftans, which look like Indian kurtis, is also shocking. Gucci is selling these kaftans for Rs 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs. This is the reason why it has become a topic of discussion on social media. Users say that when this dress is so cheap, why is it being sold at an expensive price.

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about 250 times more price
Gucci is a fashion brand from Italy. It manufactures a variety of luxury products including handbags, footwear. This dress (kaftan) is usually worn in Asian countries. In India, kurta of branded companies is available in 500 to 1500 rupees. This is how Gucci is charging 250 times the price for its kurta.

Twitter users are making fun of
Indian Twitter users are fiercely criticizing the world famous branded company. Some are claiming Gucci to be a fraud, while some are claiming to get such a dress for 500 rupees.

Social media users are shocked to know the price of the linen kaftans being sold by Gucci. At the same time, people are seen arguing fiercely on this issue.

A Twitter user said, this dress can be easily found for Rs 500, then why is it being sold for Rs 2.5 lakh? Another user wrote, when the price of such clothes is very less, then why is it being sold at a higher price?

At the same time, a user raised the question and said, on what basis has the price of this dress been kept at Rs 2.5 lakh?

Such is the Gucci kurta
According to the website, the specialty of this kurta, sold as Floral Embroidery Organic Linen Kaftan, is that it has flower embroidery, self-tie tassel with neck opening facility.

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EMI facility
Gucci has also given the facility of EMI to the customers to buy this kurta. That is, expensive kurtas can also be bought on easy monthly installments.

Controversy over Gucci in the past
This is not the first time that the world’s famous fashion brand Gucci is getting a bad name, even before this Gucci has become infamous for Indian apparel. In the year 2018, due to a change in a cultural dress of India, it had to be trolled a lot.


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