Health News: Do Not Make Unseasonal Food Somewhere Sick – Health Tips: Unseasonal Fruits and Vegetables Can Make You Sick

Health Tips: The fruits and vegetables that are sold in the market out of season are cooked using chemicals. Also wax on them to keep them fresh and show off.

Health Tips: Bina season catering is taking the form of fashion nowadays. You will see watermelon in winter and guava in summer in the market. But this fashion is also bringing many diseases with it. According to experts, eating according to the season can give you good health and wellness.

Consumption of unseasonal fruits and vegetables i.e. chemicals

The fruits and vegetables that are sold in the market out of season are cooked using chemicals. Apart from this, wax and chemicals are also polished on them to keep them fresh and to show them. Jodhpur’s senior medical officer Dr. Ashok Singh Rathod says that the process of polishing the fruits is going on for a long time. Consumption of these increases the risk of diseases like jaundice or gastroenteritis.

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According to experts, some vegetables and fruits, especially pumpkin (pumpkin, gourd, taroi, cucumber, cucumber etc.) and bitter-tasting vegetables, except bitter gourd, are very beneficial for health, but they also contain small amounts of toxins.

This amount of toxin increases manifold due to the use of chemicals. In this case it can also be fatal. According to agricultural scientists, toxin is a type of protein, which is found in any living thing. The toxin is poisonous. Its balanced quantity does not cause any harm, but it is also helpful in combating the bacteria found in the body. But an overdose of the toxin can also lead to the death of a person.

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can be fatal for the body

Several chemical insecticides, including DDTA BHC, are specifically used when producing off-season fruits and vegetables. Due to which genetic disorders, hormonal changes, abnormal development in fruits and vegetables, besides changes in the color, smell and taste of fruits and vegetables. It also increases the risk of getting serious diseases like cancer.

Fruits and vegetables are kept in cold storage to be provided throughout the year. These fruits do appear fresh for a long time, but the freon (chlorofluorocarbons) and other chemical substances used in the freezer make them the home of disease.

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Eat fruits and vegetables but be careful

Fruits and vegetables should be used only after washing. This clears the layer of chemicals deposited on them. Apart from this, the effect of toxin is also less. Generally people have a belief that the skin of the fruit contains healthy ingredients.

In such a situation, the peel should not be removed, but Mridula Vineet Sanadhya, a food-savvy man, believes that fruits like apples, pears should be eaten only after peeling, otherwise they may be vulnerable to ulcers or many digestive diseases. She shares a similar opinion with regard to packaged juices and food items.

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The preservatives added to these can sometimes be allergic and harmful. According to Mridula- The effect and quality of the fruit of each season is different. ‘Cross-season food’ exacerbates seasonal problems. Preserved and frozen food also lacks nutrients.

It may taste good, but they cannot be called good for health. The nutritional value of food is greatly reduced in the freezing process. Vitamin B and vitamin C are almost exhausted. About 50 percent of the vitamin C in frozen food is lost.


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