Millets consumption lowers cholesterol, obesity and cvd risk

Health Benefits: Millet is very beneficial for health. Magnesium is found in abundance in it, which helps in reducing the amount of sugar in the body. Along with this, it is also beneficial in reducing bad cholesterol.

New Delhi. Health Benefits: Millet, which is not only used for food, but also it is used as Ayurvedic medicine. According to a research, it has been found that daily consumption of millet keeps diseases like cholesterol, obesity and heart disease away. Therefore, millet must be included in your daily diet. Many types of anti-oxidants are found in millet which help in keeping the body fit. It improves our metabolism, which reduces the risk of serious heart disease. Apart from this, it also proves beneficial for the stomach. And its consumption also prevents obesity from increasing..

Let us know how millet can be consumed
Bajra roti or dosa- We all eat wheat flour roti but do you know that you can also use millet. It is more beneficial than wheat flour. And it gets digested quickly as compared to other rotis. Many people do not like roti, so you can also make dosa out of it. Due to the abundance of magnesium in it, it keeps sugar under control. Therefore, millet should be consumed in some way or the other.

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Bajra Khichdi
Most of the people do not like to eat khichdi because they do not like its taste. But do you know that khichdi is considered good for reducing belly as well as obesity. You can also make and eat millet khichdi. Make a thin khichdi by adding some vegetables of your choice to it. And then see that you will definitely have a desire to eat khichdi daily.

sweets made from millet
If you love to eat sweets, but because of the fear of harming you, you are unable to eat sweets, then you can use millet. It can be consumed by making barfi or laddus. For this, you can mix wheat flour and millet in equal quantity, you can also add some dry fruits in them. After this, they can be consumed in the form of laddus or barfi.

Health Benefits: Consumption of millet reduces the risk of cholesterol, obesity and heart disease.

Now know about the benefits of consuming millet
Removes diseases in the heartBajra should be consumed to keep the heart healthy. It is rich in magnesium and potassium. Which makes the blood flow smooth. Apart from this, it protects from diseases occurring in the heart. Therefore, millet must be consumed.

Helps in lowering cholesterolIf the amount of cholesterol in the body is high, then it can prove to be dangerous. Because it increases the risk of heart disease. Therefore, millet should be consumed because the amount of fiber in it is high, which controls cholesterol. And also reduces the risk of getting heart disease.

AndIt is beneficial in reducing mass- If you want to reduce weight then you can use millet. Because due to the abundance of fiber in it, it reduces fat and at the same time it also reduces calories. And gradually the weight control starts happening.

for hair- A good amount of protein is found in millet which prevents hair fall. Apart from this, it makes the hair strong from inside. Therefore millet is beneficial for hair.


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