Moong Dal ke Fayde in Hindi, Benefits of Moong Dal

Moong Dal ke Fayde in Hindi: Moong dal, which looks simple, is considered a mine of many qualities. There are many benefits of this, knowing which we can improve our health.

New Delhi. Moong Dal ke Fayde in English: Indian food is considered to be rich in variety and a mixture of many elements. Every spice, vegetables and pulses used in it have a different importance due to their own properties. Pulses have been considered a very important part of our diet. Proteins and vitamins are found in abundance in them. Along with this, an important feature of pulses is that even after cooking, their nutritious elements are not destroyed. Physicians also recommend that by consuming one cup of lentils daily, the required amount of iron is fulfilled. Although the most nutritious of pulses, moong is rich in potassium, iron, and calcium. Apart from this, a lot of vitamins A, B, C and E are also found in moong dal. Eating moong dal does not increase the calories in our body too much. If we eat sprouted moong dal, then a total of 30 calories and 1 gram of fat reaches the body.

Whether moong dal is whole or washed, it is rich in nutrients. And after sprouting, the amount of nutrients present in moong dal increases even more. Moong dal is also considered a very good alternative to protein. Apart from this, some other benefits of moong dal are as follows:

1. If a person has the problem of constipation, then the consumption of moong lentils can prove to be very beneficial. Eating moong dal khichdi helps in clearing the stomach.

2. Moong dal is also considered to be a good food to improve digestion and also to calm the heat of the stomach.

3. If you sweat a lot, then grind the moong after heating it lightly and then mix some amount of water in this powder and apply the prepared paste on the whole body.

4. Even plain moong dal gives great relief to the patient of typhoid.

5. Grinding of moong dal with peel and applying it on the area affected by ringworm, scabies and itching provides great relief.

6. Eating moong dal laddus also increases physical strength.


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