Patrika Lifeline And ENT Expert And Nasal Bleed Problems

Answers to questions related to ENT in the magazine Life Line Live

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Question- My mother is 76 years old. He is suffering from nosebleeds since last one year. It ever happens. Sometimes on a day or two, sometimes once a week. Have done the treatment but the problem is not going away. Sending me a prescription?
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Answer- There can be many reasons for this. Most of the problems can be caused by nail scraping inside the nose. There is a pool of blood in the front part of the nose. This can happen due to injury. This can also happen with high blood at an older age. His mother has BP and this can happen due to increasing BP. This problem is also more common in people who take blood thinners. In this it is necessary to get binoculars checked through the nose. Do not pierce the nose and keep BP under control. Take healthy diet.

Question- I am 57 years old. One of my nostrils is always and a little clogged. Because of this I am not able to do Pranayama. Even if I put something in it to open the nose, there is no benefit. This causes a sound in the throat. Throat starts hurting. Tell me the treatment
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Answer- There may be a disturbance in the texture of the inner part of your nose. Tissue or polyp may have formed inside the nose. The problem is due to blockage in the nose. Normally, when the nose is closed due to cold and cold, it opens by putting something. Sometimes those who have a crooked nose, the hole on one side is less open. He gets short of breath. Those whose nose is closed and breathing through the mouth, then the throat becomes dry. This causes pain in the throat. Nasal congestion is the cause of sore throat.


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