Patrika Lifeline And ENT Expert, Ear Infection And Pain

Answers to questions related to ENT in the magazine Life Line Live

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Question- I have got a hole in my eardrum due to a wound. This causes severe pain in the ear. What is its treatment?
-a reader
Answer- There are many reasons for the hole in the eardrum. Sometimes it can also happen due to cold and infection. If it is due to an injury, the hole will fill up on its own in a few days. If there is a piercing in the ear due to cold and infection, it is cured by medicine after many times, but many times surgery is done to fix the eardrum. Avoid putting anything in the ears for protection. Do not let water get in the ears. If they are careful, many times they will fill themselves up. If it does not heal, surgery will be needed. May be due to humidity and humidity in the rain. Its treatment is possible. But protect yourself.

Question- My 23 year old sister had a head injury on 30 September 2019. After the treatment, she is now completely healthy. The medicine has also stopped but whistling sound comes from the ear. What is its treatment? sending a report?
– a reader
Whistling after head injury is also tinnitus. Such a problem occurs after an injury. Injury causes damage to the inside of the ear. Whistling sound is coming from internal damage. It can last for a few days. It may even be cured on its own in a few days. But keep this in mind. Don’t be bothered by it. If you pay more attention, you will feel more trouble.


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