SAWAL-JAWAB: Pimples From The Closure Of Oil Glands – SAWAL-JAWAB : Pimples due to clogging of oil glands

I had chickenpox a few months back. Due to this there are marks of scars on the face. How to remove these spots, tell me any treatment? Shailendra Singh, Bhatoli (Rajasthan)

Answer : Blemishes on the face can be due to two reasons. The first reason is due to hormonal changes in adolescence and secondly due to chickenpox. Coconut oil should be applied in the morning and evening to maintain the moisture of the skin in case of chickenpox. If these spots are deep, seek medical advice. Then you will get relief. If medicines do not give relief, then treatment is done with chemical and laser therapy. Acne is a normal process, which happens with age. It occurs due to blockage of oil glands. Avoid eating potatoes, smoothies, junk-fast food. Do regular exercise. Don’t take stress. This can give relief.

Expert: Dr. Puneet Bhargava, Senior Dermatologist, Sawai Mansingh Medical College, Jaipur

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