SAWAL-JAWAB: SAWAL-JAWAB: How Will Facial Freckles Go Away? – SAWAL-JAWAB : How to get rid of facial freckles?

Question: Since pregnancy I have got shadow on my face. My hair is also falling out a lot. Tried home remedies but did not get relief? -Shimla Saini, 30 years old, Sikar (Rajasthan)

Answer : There are many hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy. Progestan is a hormone that is produced in excess during pregnancy. Because of this, freckles (shadows) appear on the face. Apart from this, stress and iron deficiency are also one of the main reasons during this period. For this, take rich iron diet in the diet. Take fruits, green leafy vegetables and ragi. Lose your gained weight. These freckles also grow from ultraviolet rays. Apart from direct sunlight, domestic gas flame also occurs in computers, mobile screens and CFLs. Take protein rich diet to prevent hair fall.
Expert: Dr. Puneet Bhargava, Senior Dermatologist, Sawai Mansingh Medical College, Jaipur

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