This Diet Is Necessary For The Mother After Delivery

After delivery, the mother needs to include certain things in her diet so that she can get better nutrition.

New Delhi. Women should take special care of themselves before and after pregnancy. For this, it is necessary to eat proper food so that the mother along with the child can get the right nutrition. Every woman should take special care of meals not only during pregnancy but also after delivery. In fact, there is a lot of stress in the body during labor pain, due to which women can become very weak due to lack of proper care. Therefore, after delivery, there is a need to include some special things in the diet of the mother so that she can get nutrition in a better way. So let us tell you about 6 food items through this article, which women should include in their first diet.


Many women start having a desire to eat something sweet after delivery. In such a situation, consuming dates is very beneficial for them. It is rich in iron, calcium, vitamins, fiber etc. This helps in completing the loss of blood during delivery. At the same time, there is a circulation of energy in the body.

Oats and fruits

Constipation after delivery is common. In such a situation, women should consume fiber-rich things like oatmeal, oats and fruits. It cleanses the stomach properly and gives relief from stomach related problems like constipation, acidity etc.


Staying in the hospital for several days and taking medicines causes bad breath in the mouth. It is good to eat apples to keep the mouth clean. It will also help in pacifying the appetite along with removing the odor of the mouth. With a healthy stomach, there will be an energetic feeling throughout the day.

ChiCane or Vegetable Soup

The body becomes very weak during childbirth. In such a situation, drinking chicken or vegetable soup is the best option to remove the weakness of the body quickly. With this, the body gets warm and the lack of liquid is fulfilled. With getting relief from body pain, the body develops in a better way.


At the time of childbirth, a woman has to go through unbearable pain. Due to which there is also wear and tear in the body. In such a situation, protein is needed to meet its deficiency. For this, consuming eggs rich in protein, calcium, omega-3 is the best option. With this, the body gets energy and the stomach also remains full for a long time.


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