Try These Home Remedies To Prepare The Body’s Protective Shield – Health News: Try These Home Remedies To Prepare The Body’s Protective Shield

Health NewsGulkand prepared from the leaves of rose flowers maintains coolness and energy in the body.

Health News: Dehydration, headache, heatstroke and gum problems are problems that trouble everyone on a day-to-day basis. These diseases can be easily fought with the protection cover of home remedies. If you have a headache due to strong sunlight, grind the gourd pulp and apply it on the forehead, you will get instant relief.

Soak a spoonful of fennel in a glass of water overnight. After mashing fennel in this water in the morning, filter it and drink it after adding some sugar, the body will get coolness. Make a powder by grinding 25 grams rose flowers, sugar candy, fennel and Vanshlochan (all three 10 grams). Taking half a teaspoon powder with water in the morning and evening will be beneficial in boils, pimple, ringworm and itching.

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Constipation, heat, mouth ulcers and blood circulation are cured by taking one spoonful of Gulkand with lukewarm water or milk at night. Grind two tomatoes with black pepper. Consuming it before having a meal ends the problem of worms in the stomach. Mixing salt and mustard oil makes the gums strong.

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In case of heat stroke, use onion as a salad and cari (raw mango) as a vegetable or panna. On the bite of a scorpion or a bee, applying onion juice and Nausadar together removes the poison and provides relief in pain. Raw papaya milk is beneficial in skin diseases like ringworm, scabies. Taking equal quantity of powder of myrobalan and peepal with basil juice provides relief in cough. Grind cloves in headache and apply it on the forehead.

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