Know, Answer Every Question Related To Obesity In Children

Eating before hunger, snacks, junk food, fast food, more sweets leads to rapid weight gain. Sometimes antibiotics drugs can lead to weight gain during long-term treatment of a disease.

Obesity increases due to wrong eating habits of children. Eating before hunger, snacks, junk food, fast food, more sweets leads to rapid weight gain. Apart from this, children often do not do regular physical activities. Watch video games, TV, mobile. Calories are not expended. 90% of obesity is due to wrong diet. Apart from this, obesity also increases due to genetic reasons, although it occurs in only 3 to 5 percent of children. If the parents are obese, then the child is also prone to obesity. Due to this obesity increases in 7-10 percent of children. Here are the frequently asked questions from experts-

Q. My child is obese. Will he continue to be fat?

This is not necessary. Balanced diet and outdoor activities help in reducing weight. However, sometimes children of obese parents can have such problems.

Q. What should I do to reduce my child’s weight?

Avoid eating junk food-fast food. The proportion of 40 percent carbohydrate, 30 percent fat and 30 percent protein is necessary in his diet. Also take it out to play for an hour every day.

Q. How to inculcate healthy eating habits in a child?

Children learn more by observing the habits of adults. Whatever habit you want in it, first do it yourself. The baby will start eating all that. He will never consider himself different.

Q. How to inculcate the habit of play and exercise in the child?

Fix the time of his sleeping, waking up, eating and drinking and reading and playing. Do not spend more than an hour for mobile-TV. Make a habit of playing field games and exercise with friends. Go with yourself.

Q. Can I give weight loss medicines?

Children should not resort to medicine or steroids for weight loss. This is not good for health. Lose weight by doing a diet plan with a clinical nutritionist or health coach.

These steps are necessary to keep healthy

  • change eating habits
  • Avoid eating junk food, fast food
  • Have a meal with the family and the child.
  • Do not eat anything while watching TV.
  • Change your eating habit anytime.
  • Give salad half an hour before eating.
  • Before three hours of eating, do not force feed without feeling hungry.

– Dr. Vishnu Agarwal Pediatrician, JK Lone, Shishu Chikitsalaya, Jaipur


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