know about Bottle Gourd Use for Hair Care

Nowadays, due to poor lifestyle and diet, most of the people are troubled by the problem of hair fall and premature graying of hair. If you are also troubled by any problem of hair, then using gourd in this way will prove beneficial for you.

New Delhi. Home Remedies for Hair : Our hair plays its important role in making us beautiful and attractive. A little nice and stylish hair makes the look. But nowadays due to poor lifestyle and diet, the problem of hair loss and premature graying is being seen in most of the people. Many types of products are used for hair care, but even after this the problem of hair remains as it is. In view of this problem of yours, today we are going to tell you about something which is very beneficial for hair. By using which the hair will remain naturally black and will not fall.

Actually we are talking about Loki. Bottle gourd contains sodium, iron, potassium, fiber, phosphorus and vitamins. For this reason, as much as loci is beneficial in detoxifying our body from within, it also helps in getting rid of hair problems. In such a situation, you can use bottle gourd for natural hair care.

How to use bottle gourd for hair (Use Of Gourd For Hair)

Bottle gourd oil is made and applied to the hair daily. Applying with its oil stops hair fall, along with it helps to make white hair naturally black. To make bottle gourd oil, cut the bottle gourd into small pieces and dry it well in the sun. After this, heat coconut oil in a pan and put the pieces of dried gourd. Now cook the oil in low flame till the color of the oil changes. When this happens, remove the oil from the gas and after it cools down, filter it in a vial.

Apply this oil on the hair twice a week and massage it. If you want, you can apply it before sleeping at night or before washing your hair. Within a few days, you will automatically see the difference in your hair.


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