include these foods in your breakfast to stay healthy and fit

Healthy Diet: To stay fit, healthy and away from diseases, there is a need to pay attention to breakfast in the morning. So let us know which things can be consumed in breakfast.

New Delhi. Healthy Diet: Breakfast is also important because it works to provide you energy for the whole day. If breakfast is not eaten on time or skipped in the morning, then it can have bad effects in the body. Along with this, you can also be weak. In India, people mostly start their day with tea. Caffeine is found in tea. Which is not good for your body. At the same time, the consumption of tea should be avoided on an empty stomach. This can cause problems like gas formation in your stomach. Instead of tea, you can take green tea, lemon tea or ginger tea. This will not let you feel the lack of tea. And also keep away from diseases.
Along with this, you should consume some healthy foods in breakfast, about which we are going to tell you.

Healthy Diet: These foods can be included in daily breakfast, immunity will boost and diseases will stay away

Egg which is considered very beneficial for the body. Eggs are rich in protein and vitamin D. Its daily consumption keeps many types of diseases away from the body. And it also acts as energy. Therefore you can consume one egg daily.

can eat poha
Poha is not only good in the test, but it also benefits health. Poha is eaten in almost all the states of India. To make poha more beneficial, you can also eat it by adding black gram, peanuts, dry fruits. Consumption of poha can prove to be helpful in keeping you fit with taste.

chia seeds
Consuming chia seeds can prove to be very good for you. Chia seeds are rich in protein. Chia seeds also work to bring glow to your skin. Soak them in water for 15 minutes before eating them and then consume them. You can also eat chia seeds by adding them to porridge, oat meal.

Sesame laddus can be consumed
Sesame seeds are rich in many medicinal elements. Its consumption is considered good for the body. Bones are strengthened by the consumption of sesame seeds. You can eat one or two sesame laddus daily during breakfast in the morning.

Oatmeal is considered delicious, light and healthy to eat. You can eat oatmeal as well. And to make it more healthy, you can also add fruits, dry fruits to it, so that its benefits also increase with the taste.

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