know Benefits and method of applying curd on face

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, there are many problems in the skin. To get rid of this, you can include curd in your skin care routine. Just two spoons of curd will prove to be very beneficial for your face.

New Delhi. Skin Care Tips: As much as it is beneficial to eat curd, it is equally helpful in getting rid of many problems of our skin (Curd Benefits for face). Then no matter what skin type they are. Yogurt is a good skin care routine formula. So today we are telling you about the benefits of curd on the skin and how to use it.

Actually yogurt contains AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) lactic acid. It is used in non-prescription acne products. The lactic acid present in curd works to remove pimples, inflammation and make new cells from the face. Apart from this, curd also removes many problems of the face- like,

  1. prevents acne from occurring
  2. removes acne marks
  3. shrinks large pores
  4. eliminates facial wrinkles
  5. Protects skin from sun
  6. corrects skin tone
  7. Keeps skin moisturized
  8. reduces dark circles

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How to use curd on face

If acne, wrinkles and signs of aging have started appearing on your face, then to avoid this, apply 2 spoons of curd directly on the face for 10 minutes. Apart from this, you can also apply different curd face pack by making a face pack from curd.

For example, curd and cucumber face pack, this face pack is good for any type of skin. People who have normal or dry skin can make a face pack of curd and honey and apply it. At the same time, people with normal or oily skin can use a face pack made of curd and gram flour, curd and lemon or curd and orange peel powder. Let us tell you that any face pack must be applied once a week.


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