Popular foods that boost your immune system

Everyone gets sick every now and then, sometimes due to the change of weather and sometimes because of a weak immune system. But if our immune system is strong then it helps a lot in fighting the bacteria and viruses that make us sick, so boosting your immune system in any way is the best way for better health in which your diet can play a role |

Lucknow. Due to weak immunity, people are prone to diseases like cold, cold and fever etc. Therefore, such food items should be included in your diet which strengthens the ability of your immune system. Let us know some easy and cheap foods to increase immunity, which you can include in your diet so that you do not get sick soon-

1) Oranges
Vitamin C present in oranges has a positive effect on the immune system. An orange contains about 68 mg of vitamin C (105% of the RDA for women and 91% for men), so you can eat it for breakfast, lunch or breakfast.

2) Garlic
Garlic has natural medicinal properties which help in increasing the immunity of the body. According to some studies, it is considered beneficial in curing genetic diseases. Garlic helps in preventing the problem of colds and infections.

3) Ginger
Its regular consumption keeps the digestive power healthy. Regular consumption of ginger reduces the pain of migraine, drinking brown sugar and ginger tea provides relief in stomach cramps during periods, and people with sugar complaints. If ginger is consumed regularly, then the risk of kidney damage is greatly reduced.

4) Bell peppers
Citrus fruits are not only a source of vitamin C, but capsicum, found in red, green and yellow color rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and beta-carotene, is very beneficial in terms of health. Being rich in vitamin C, it is very beneficial in fighting infectious diseases, in increasing immunity, in diseases like lung infection, asthma.

5) Kale
As a food for medicine, it contains vitamins (A, C, K), calcium, potassium, fiber and many other nutrients that can keep you healthy. Fiber in nutrients can prove to be helpful in keeping digestion right. Consumption of fiber can also help in improving digestion and relieving constipation.

6) Tomatoes
It is a good source of antioxidants, lycopene and beta-carotene. It may be able to improve the immune system. Along with this, it also helps to avoid cold and influenza. Thus, looking at the properties of tomatoes, it can be included in food to enhance the immune system.

7) Amla
Amla is beneficial for hair and eyes as it contains high amounts of vitamin C. Apart from this, it helps in strengthening the immunity of the body so that the power to fight against diseases remains. You can also take amla juice or amla murabba.

8) Onion
Like garlic, onion contains a mixture called allicin, which helps prevent infection. Apart from this, it reduces the risk of allergies and cancer. If you want to include onions in your diet, you can consume onions in salads.

9) Lemon
Lemon has many medicinal properties naturally. Antibiotic, anti-viral, antioxidant, anti-bacterial and vitamin C is found in high amounts in it. Therefore, lemon helps in reducing many types of diseases of the body. By taking lemon water daily, the lack of water in the body will be removed, as well as strengthens the Pratisha system. According to some research, lemon strengthens immunity.

10) Turmeric
Turmeric has many anti-bacterial properties that boost the body’s immunity. Therefore, turmeric must be included in your diet. Along with increasing immunity, turmeric protects against eye problems, skin diseases, heart attacks, heart attacks, etc. Apart from this, turmeric helps in reducing weight. Turmeric helps in healing wounds. Drinking turmeric milk daily strengthens the body’s pratisha system.

What not to do?
Do not take too much stress, taking stress weakens the immune system.
Make a habit of sleeping and getting up early, and do not make a habit of watching TV and mobile for a long time
Do not consume too much alcohol and smoking, it also weakens the immunity.

What to do?
Make a habit of doing exercise and yoga daily so that immunity can be strengthened and your body can be able to fight against outside bacteria.

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