Keto Diet For Weight Loss – What is Keto Diet: What is Keto Diet, Know its Advantages and Disadvantages

Keto Diet for Weight Loss: Many people are adopting keto diet to lose weight. Before starting it, know what can be its advantages and disadvantages.

New Delhi. You must have heard the name of keto diet from many stars who have lost their weight in a short time. This diet is adopted to get rid of obesity in a short time. We will tell you what is the right way to do keto diet. And what things you have to eat in your daily routine and which are not.

What is Keto Diet?

Another name for keto diet is ketogenic diet. It is called keto because in this diet the ketones of the body are used for energy. In keto diet, people depend on high-fat and consume carbohydrates and proteins in very small amounts. People also know this diet in such a way that cheese is available in it.

In keto diet, the body starts taking energy from fat instead of carbohydrates. Actually, by adopting this diet, the metabolic rate of the body increases. This is the reason that accelerates weight loss.

what to eat on keto diet

First of all, if you are taking keto diet, then definitely contact the doctor and follow the diet plan he gives you. Now it comes to what can and cannot be eaten in a keto diet. Like we told that you should eat the most fat things in keto. Keto diet should take 70-80% fat, 5-10% carbohydrate and 10-20% protein.

benefits of keto diet

Keto diet not only reduces your weight, it is also beneficial for diabetes. This diet reduces the amount of sugar in the body which helps in preventing diabetes.

If you have blood pressure disease, then this diet reduces the risk of heart attack. Due to this, HDL cholesterol levels remain in control and this is the reason why BP patients can also use this diet.

This diet is also beneficial for Alzheimer’s disease because it also has the property of doing Alzheimer’s.

By following this diet, you do not feel tired and you can work for a long time without eating much.

This diet is also beneficial in Epilepsy disease found in children.

disadvantages of keto diet

If the keto diet is not done properly, it can also have many disadvantages.

Keto diet also causes cramps in your body. There is a deficiency of certain elements in your body.

You may have constipation problem in the beginning because your body is not used to this diet.

Keto diet keeps the heart rate up and down in the body. This can also make it difficult for you to breathe.


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