5 Vegetables For Healthy Heart – Vegetables for Healthy Heart: Include these 5 vegetables in your diet for a healthy heart

Vegetable for Healthy Heart: To keep your body healthy, it is very important that you take care of your heart. Today we will tell you 5 such vegetables which are beneficial for the heart.

New Delhi. In today’s stressful environment, many people are struggling with heart disease. Heart patients should take extra care of food and drink. When we talk about vegetables, there are many such vegetables which can be very beneficial for heart patients. We all know how beneficial green vegetables are for health. Heart patients can include some such vegetables in their diet which can help in keeping their heart healthy.


Vitamin C is found in large quantities in carrots. Potassium is also present in carrots, which keeps your blood pressure under control. Due to the fiber in it, your weight also remains in balance. Its antioxidants are very good for the heart.


Broccoli is very beneficial for health. It contains protein, calcium, quercetin, carbohydrate, iron, vitamin A, C which will keep your heart healthy. You can add broccoli to your daily routine and drink it. And if you want, you can also add it to your salad.

Bottle gourd:

Gourd can be very beneficial for heart patients. By eating this, the amount of cholesterol in your body remains under control. Elements like calcium, magnesium and zinc are also found in bottle gourd, which helps in keeping you healthy.


We keep making spinach every day at home, but do you know about the properties of spinach. Spinach is rich in iron, protein, magnesium, potassium and calcium. It keeps your heart healthy and you stay away from diseases.


There are many such elements in okra that keep your heart healthy. It contains unsaturated fatty acids and beta carotene which are beneficial for heart patients. You can make ladyfinger a vegetable and include it in your diet.


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