The Wrong Way of Eating Fruits Will Make You Unhealthy

Are You Eating Fruits The Wrong Way: Although fruits are very beneficial for our health, but there are some rules for eating them. Eating fruits in the wrong way or at the wrong time can lead to many problems.

New Delhi. Are You Eating Fruits The Wrong Way: Fruits are considered the best food for our body. Fruits contain all the nutrients required by our body. We can survive for many days by eating only fruits without eating anything else. Even in ancient times, sages and sages used to survive for many days only by consuming fruits. But it is said that there is a right way and time to use everything. You would think that there is a time to eat good fruits too, but it is true. There is also a fixed time and way of consuming fruits. Which is very important to know about.

Some people think that fruits are very good for us, so they can be eaten anytime in the morning, afternoon, evening. But if Ayurveda is to be believed, if you want to take full advantage of the consumption of fruits, then also know the right way to eat them.

Consuming fruits in the morning is considered very good for our health. But there are some fruits, which we should avoid eating empty stomach in the morning. Consuming citric fruits i.e. citrus fruits like orange, seasonal etc. on an empty stomach can increase acidity. Therefore, such fruits should never be consumed on an empty stomach.

It is also necessary to choose fruits according to their taste. People with hot temper should consume less fruits like mango and papaya. On the other hand, if you have a cold, then eat less fruits like pineapple, orange or banana.


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Some people like to eat fruits with or immediately after a meal. But keep in mind that fruits should not be consumed before or just after a meal. If you have to eat fruits, then consume it half an hour before or half an hour after the meal. Otherwise you may have to face acidity or digestion related problems.


Some people are fond of eating fruit by adding it to curd or with curd. If you are also one of those people who eat fruits with curd or milk for taste or considering it healthy, then you should not do this at all. Because it can give you many health problems instead of benefits.


There are some fruits for those who have kidney stone problems, which can be harmful. Therefore, before eating anything, drinking or consuming fruits, get complete information given by the doctor. Apart from this, if you are eating watermelon, then it is better not to eat anything else with it.



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