Avoiding Ghee And Oil Completely Is Not A Healthy Choice

Eating Food Without Ghee & Oil Can Make You Sick: If you are also one of them, who are not consuming ghee-oil or proper fat at all for weight loss, then you are calling many problems for your health. .

New Delhi. Eating Food Without Ghee & Oil Can Make You Sick: Nowadays there are many people who have given up Ghee oil completely due to the fear of gaining weight. That is, they start living on a fed diet. Due to the changing attitude towards fitness in many youths or other people for the last few years, it has become their thinking that the consumption of oil and ghee only increases the weight. Due to which he has started avoiding them in his food. And start consuming boiled foods or fruits only. But according to experts, according to a research, by not consuming fat at all in the diet, we ourselves are putting our health at risk in the coming time.

Talking about the last few years, almost every content that comes on social media among teenagers and youth has made a big impact. And that’s why they include their health related and weight loss ingredients in their diet without knowing their facts. They may not gain weight by these methods, but they definitely invite other problems. So let us know the importance of oil in our diet in sufficient quantity.

By not consuming the proper amount of Ghee-oil i.e. fat in our diet, we put our brain and nervous system at risk. As a result of which the brain does not work properly, that is, sometimes you want to say something and leave something else. Not having the right fat in the body affects our memory, weakens the body or can cause mood swings. Therefore, doctors also recommend the consumption of adequate amount of fats and oils.


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Experts always oppose fed diets that put our bodies under unnecessary stress. Sometimes some heart patients or people suffering from blood pressure eliminate ghee or even healthy oils like mustard or olive oil completely from their diet. But let us tell you that by doing so, they increase the risk of their heart further. Because the body needs fat. Our brain, our nervous system, brain, conduction system and our nerves all work on fat. If you must eliminate it, avoid transfats, ie junk food or street food, from your diet.


Another fact, according to doctors, is that there are some fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, D, K and E, etc., which are very important for the growth of metabolism. If you do not take them in sufficient quantity, then you may have many health problems. Deficiency of these vitamins can slow down the metabolic activities of our body. As a result of which other problems like loss of thinking power, bleeding, slow maintenance or weakness in limbs start starting.



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