Do not consume honey at all with these things, it can lead to poisoning, What Should Be Avoided With Honey?

Don’t Consume Honey With These Things: We are all familiar with the properties of honey. But even by mistake, consuming these items with honey can cause problems for us.

New Delhi. Don’t Consume Honey With These Things: From Ayurveda to doctors, everyone tells about the benefits of honey. Honey is considered very beneficial for our health. Along with the taste of honey, a lot of vitamins and minerals are found in it. That is, sufficient amount of iron, sodium, calcium, iodine, phosphorus and vitamins A, B, C are present in honey. which have a positive effect on our health. But did you know that the combination of certain foods can be very dangerous. Due to which substances beneficial to our health can also harm us by becoming toxic. So let’s know what things consuming with honey can worsen our health.

According to experts, the following items are such, with which honey should never be eaten-

1. Hot Things and Honey
Consuming honey with hot things is considered harmful. Because the effect of honey is hot in itself. Therefore, if you consume hot honey with a hot object, then your stomach may get upset. Along with this, many other diseases related to stomach can also surround. For example, if you drink hot milk mixed with honey, it destroys the good qualities of the city and it becomes toxic.

2. Radish and Honey
Radish and honey should never be eaten together. Because the consumption of honey with radish is very harmful. If you consume honey and radish together, then toxins are formed in your body. And these toxins can harm your body.


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3. Tea-coffee and honey
Some people think that if they drink honey in place of sugar in tea and coffee, then their weight will not increase. But let us tell you that drinking honey mixed with tea or coffee can be very harmful. Because consuming honey with tea or coffee can increase the temperature of the body, which can lead to restlessness and stress.


4. Ghee/Butter and Honey
Both the nature of honey and the properties inherent in ghee and butter are opposite. Therefore, in Ayurveda texts also, taking ghee/butter and honey together is said to be a taboo combination. Because this combination becomes like poison for our body.



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