smartphone fast charging technique, how you can activate your phone

Don’t worry if your phone takes a long time to charge and discharges quickly. We have brought for you a trick that will charge your phone in no time.

New Delhi. In today’s era, smartphone is an important part of everyone’s life. That is why while buying a phone, we also do a lot of research about it like its camera, storage and battery backup of the phone. At the same time, on the old of the phone, its battery backup also starts decreasing. Due to this we have to charge our phone again and again, as well as the charging of the phone also takes a lot of time. If you are also facing the same problem then you do not need to worry. We will tell you such a trick, by which your phone will start charging at speed.

Follow this easy process
Actually, there is such an option in the settings of every smartphone, that as soon as you turn it on, your phone will start charging at speed. For this you have to follow a simple procedure. First of all go to your smartphone’s settings and click on the option of about phone.

smartphone fast charging technology

Intelligence settings will be found in about the phone
After this, scroll down to the end of the menu by going to the screen about phone option, here you will see the option of ‘Build number’. After clicking seven to eight here, if you click seven to eight times, then a ‘Developer Options’ page will open on the screen. Here you will find many settings related to the smartphone.

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Here you will see the option of ‘Networking’, in which ‘Select USB Configuration’ will appear. As soon as you open it, the MTP option is already selected, you have to select ‘Charging’ here. With this, fast technology will be activated in your smartphone and your phone will start charging quickly.


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