what google does with your data after your death

Do you know what Google will do with your data after your death? Today we will tell you how you can keep Google data safe even after your death.

New Delhi. In the present era, a large number of people use smartphones. In such a situation, our data reaches Google, but have you ever wondered what will happen to the data saved on your Google and Apple cloud service after you die. Actually, Google gives you a feature for this, so that you can decide when your account is considered inactive.

Google account gets deactivated
Actually, when a person does not use his Google account for a period (maximum 18 months), he becomes inactive. This usually happens when Google doesn’t find any activity in an account for a long time. Although Google gives you the facility to decide this. At the same time, the user decides what to do with that data.

You can hand over your data to a trusted person
Along with this, Google gives users the option to share the account and its data with a trusted person. In this case, you need to make a plan for the data of your Google Account. In which we can hand over everything to a trusted person after our death. Let us know that to manage your Google Account, you can go to myaccount.google.com/inactive.

google data

On opening this link you will first have to enter the waiting period for inactivity, email id, phone number and other details. Google will then give you the option to select up to 10 people you want to notify when your Google Account becomes inactive and you are no longer using the account.

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Google may also give users the option to access and download some of their data. This requires a reliable email ID. If you don’t want anyone to access your Google Account data, you don’t need to add someone’s email ID. This will cause Google to delete your data and no one will ever be able to restore it once your account is deactivated.

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