Five Exercises For Healthy Bones – These 5 Asanas Will Make Bones Strong, More Beneficial Than Medicine

It is common for bones or bones to become weak with increasing age and an imbalanced lifestyle. In such a situation, these asanas can prove useful for the strength of bones.

Consumption of unbalanced diet and junk food is also common. Apart from these two reasons, there are many other everyday reasons that cause weakness in human bones. In medicine, the weakening of bones is measured by the decrease in their density. This is called osteoporosis or osteopenia. Due to this disease the bones start to become hollow. Due to which they break down quickly. This disease can be overcome through these seven asanas.


Stand straight on your feet. Now bend the right leg and rest the claw on the left thigh as high as possible. While balancing the body, raise the arms up and join the palms in the posture of Namaskar. Stay in this posture for about a minute. After that repeat the same pose with the other leg. For the stability of the body in Vrikshasana, one can focus the eyes on one object. This asana strengthens the thighs, ankles, calves and spine.

2. Hastapadasana

Stand on your feet in a normal posture. Keep both the hands at the waist. Breathe in and bend forward. Try to keep the hands on the ground next to the toes. Stay in this position for about thirty seconds. Exhale and return to normal position. This asana strengthens the back, neck and hips. Apart from this, it provides relief in stress and anxiety.

3. Trikonasana

Spread the legs at a distance of 3-4 feet. Keep the right foot at 90 degrees to the outside and the left foot at 15 degrees. Turn the body to the right. Raise the left hand, touch the ground with the right hand. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. Then repeat on the other side.

4. Setubandha Asana

Lie down on your back. Keep the hands close to the body. Now bend the legs and raise the hips while putting pressure on the toes. Make the body in a straight line. Now join both the hands. Wait 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

5. Virabhadrasana

Stand with your feet spread at a distance of 3 to 4 feet. Bend the left leg inward 45 degrees. Keep right foot out 90 degrees. Extend your hands. Bend the right knee. Look at the right hand, stay in this position for 30 seconds. Now repeat from the left side.


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