Aerial Yoga For Your Body Fitness – Diet and fitness : Adopt Aerial Yoga for your body fitness

Earlier people used to do yoga like Anulom-Vilom and Surya Namaskar to stay fit. But in today’s time, advanced forms of yoga like beer yoga, hot yoga and aerial yoga are in trend and nowadays most Bollywood actresses do aerial yoga to keep themselves fit. Let’s know what is aerial yoga.

New Delhi. Aerial Yoga is also known as Anti-Gravity Yoga. According to its name, its benefits are also many. That’s why most Bollywood actresses use it to stay fit. In this technique, yoga postures are done by wrapping silk cloth around the body. Due to this the body is flexible and at the same time many diseases are also removed. Let us know about the right way to do this yoga.

way of doing

To do aerial yoga, you are tied with a silk cloth. In this, you are hung at a specified height. This is a little different than the yoga that is usually done on the ground. While doing this, special attention is paid to your physical movement and posture. In this you have to take care of many things.
You have to hold onto your breath and take care of the movement of the arms and legs.

You may find it a little difficult to do in the beginning, but gradually if you become successful in doing it, then you will be able to do it well.
While doing aerial yoga, due to swinging like a swing, the pressure on the tailbone is very high. So you have to be a little careful.

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