Benefits Of Spinach Saag – Diet fitness: In this winter, include more and more greens in your diet

Do you want to have beautiful and healthy skin. Of course we all have that, right. Isn’t it every woman’s dream. But do you know that we have so many greens in the cold season. Which can heal from our beauty to K’s health.

New Delhi. The winter season is considered king in terms of food. But do you know that greens that enhance your health in the cold season are available in a very different type. You can eat them from their form to vegetables in the cold season and can enhance both health and beauty.

Makes face glowing

Greens contain Vitamin-A and C which helps in cleansing the skin and makes the skin glowing. Also, the antioxidant properties present in it help in fighting the bacteria that cause pimples and acne.

Reduces Aging
The antioxidants present in greens help in destroying the free radicals which are responsible for the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Free radicals damage the skin, so greens help slow down the aging process and make the skin look younger.

keeps stomach clean

Greens keep your stomach clean. It is rich in many types of nutrients. Therefore, even a bowl of green water can make a lot of changes in your health. But the effort should be that the greens are always fresh.

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