Fitness and diet: Follow this yoga to fix your body posture

New Delhi. In today’s article, we will discuss about correcting body posture itself. In today’s time, there are many reasons for poor body posture, such as working in a chair full time, walking in the wrong way, wrong way of bike or cycling. Apart from this, there are many reasons, but now how do you know whether your body posture is correct or not. Due to poor body posture, many people have to face the problem of back pain, while some people have to face the problem of poor body structure. But most of the people are facing bad body posture.

How to know if your body posture is not correct

According to media reports, if the body posture is not correct, extreme fatigue, lower back pain and other types of problems start arising in the body. In such a situation, it is most appropriate to check your body posture from time to time.


glute exercise

This exercise helps in relieving pain in your lower back. It is also helpful in strengthening and activating the glutes. It improves your hips, which improves posture. If you are just starting to exercise, then this exercise is very useful for you.


By the way, Uttanasana is a very common yoga asana. There are many benefits of doing this daily, such as releasing tension from the spine, hamstrings, and glutes. Apart from this, it also works to stretch the hips and legs. While stretching in this exercise, your back side will open completely and your posture will start to recover.


Bhujangasana is such a yoga that by doing it regularly, the posture of the body starts to improve. It also has many physical benefits, which many people also know by the name of Cobra Pose. You can add cobra pose to your exercise routine. This yoga calms the mind and relaxes the body, so that you do not feel tired. Also, it is also very useful for straightening the waist. If you sit for hours, then do this yoga in between because it will give flexibility to your body.


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