Health tips: How eggs are beneficial for you in winter

New Delhi. Eating eggs in winter is very beneficial. Consuming 2 eggs daily in cold weather gives warmth to the body. Eating eggs in winter also reduces the risk of common cold. Diseases caused by bacteria are also not caused by the consumption of eggs. Children must consume 1 egg during the winter season. Egg is considered to be the best source of protein and eating it is beneficial for you. People eat eggs in many ways.

Why egg is necessary in winter
To keep the body warm in cold weather, such food is needed, which has a balanced amount of protein, calcium and carbs. Apart from this, food that nourishes the body with vitamin D and vitamin B12 is more important in winter. Consumption of eggs is also more beneficial in winters because by eating it, heat remains in the body. There are many benefits of eating eggs.

boost immunity
Consuming one boiled egg daily keeps the body strong. Eggs contain anti-oxidants, vitamins, proteins and many nutrients which are effective in making immunity strong.

Egg removes iron deficiency

Iron is also found in abundance in eggs. Consumption of eggs reduces fatigue of the body. If you feel dizzy, egg is very useful for this. If there is a deficiency of iron in your body, then to make up for it, eat the yellow part of the egg.

sharpen your mind
Omega 3, vitamins and fatty acids present in eggs are very beneficial for the brain. Choline is found in it, using which the memory power increases, the efficiency of the brain increases and it works better.

Egg beneficial in pregnancy too
Egg is a healthy food even during pregnancy. It helps in the physical and mental development of the fetus. Apart from this, it supplies essential nutrients in the body. That’s why doctors also recommend eating eggs during this time.


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