Health Tips: Do not forget to consume papaya even in these situations

New Delhi. Health Tips: Papaya is a fruit containing calcium, iron, protein, phosphorus, and various vitamins, which has been told many benefits for our body. Papaya is rich in antioxidants, especially in stomach problems, it is considered very beneficial. But there are some physical conditions in which the consumption of papaya can harm you instead of benefit. So let’s know in which situations you should not consume papaya …

• In the problem of kidney stone
Papaya is an antioxidant rich fruit due to the presence of sufficient amount of vitamin C. But people who already have kidney stone problem, they should consume papaya carefully, because calcium oxalate kidney stone can be formed due to high amount of vitamin-C in the body. This can increase the size of the stone and make it difficult to remove through urine.


• In allergy problem
People who are allergic to latex should avoid eating papaya. Because such people can have problems like coughing, sneezing, and other respiratory problems and watery eyes due to excessive consumption of papaya containing enzymes called chitinases.


• Individuals with low-blood sugar
Papaya has the ability to manage blood sugar level, making it considered a better fruit for diabetic patients. But let us tell you that a person suffering from the problem of low-blood sugar level should not consume papaya. Because due to some of its properties, the blood sugar level can be even lower. Due to which the person may have to face serious problems.


• In the problem of irregular heartbeat
Although papaya is considered good in reducing the risk of heart diseases, people who already have irregular heartbeat should avoid papaya. According to a research, an amino acid called cyanogenic glycoside is found in papaya. This can generate hydrogen cyanide in your digestive system. Due to which the problem of people with irregular heartbeat problem can increase further.


• In pregnancy
Although the benefits of papaya can be seen in many physical problems, but health experts believe that eating papaya can be harmful for pregnant women and unborn babies. The reason for this is the latex present in papaya. Consuming papaya during pregnancy can cause uterine contractions. As far as possible, diet should be given to pregnant women only after consulting the doctor.

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