Bout Superfoods That Keep The Skin Beautiful And Young

Our skin is the mirror of health, everyone wants their face to look beautiful. Be it summer or winter, cleaning and taking care of the skin is essential. To get healthy, beautiful and glowing skin, you must include healthy foods in the diet, know that there are some superfoods that make your skin glowing. New … Read more

SAWAL-JAWAB: SAWAL-JAWAB: How Will Facial Freckles Go Away? – SAWAL-JAWAB : How to get rid of facial freckles?

Question: Since pregnancy I have got shadow on my face. My hair is also falling out a lot. Tried home remedies but did not get relief? -Shimla Saini, 30 years old, Sikar (Rajasthan) Answer : There are many hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy. Progestan is a hormone that is produced in excess during … Read more

SAWAL-JAWAB: Pimples From The Closure Of Oil Glands – SAWAL-JAWAB : Pimples due to clogging of oil glands

I had chickenpox a few months back. Due to this there are marks of scars on the face. How to remove these spots, tell me any treatment? Shailendra Singh, Bhatoli (Rajasthan) Answer : Blemishes on the face can be due to two reasons. The first reason is due to hormonal changes in adolescence and secondly … Read more

If You Have Joints Pain, Avoid Cold And Sour Food Items

In the lockdown, people are having trouble getting out and getting medical advice. People are joining the magazine ‘Lifeline’ by asking questions directly to the expert. Know the answers to questions related to some home remedies for common problems which were asked on ‘Lifeline’. Joint pain increases due to eating sour-cold things, bake salt Question: … Read more

Pranayanam And Jalneti Is Improve Immunity

What is the remedy in ayurveda to increase immunity. Which yoga-asanas are beneficial? multiple readers Immunity increasing with Prayanaam and Jalneeti, feel the turmeric in winter Question- What is the remedy in Ayurveda to increase immunity. Which yoga-asanas are beneficial? multiple readers Answer- To increase immunity, along with the right routine, good food is also … Read more

Dizziness And Fainting Due To These Mistakes In Vomiting And Diarrhea – BE ALERT

Continuous vomiting and diarrhea cause weakness, dizziness and fainting in the body. Also, there is a rapid depletion of minerals in the body. Due to vomiting and diarrhea, there is a deficiency of sodium, potassium, magnesium, hydrochloride in the body. This reduces pain in the extremities, bowel movement and heart rate. Muscle pain, dizziness and … Read more

If You Disturb At Nigh To Sleep Than Use Thin Pillow

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After Corona May Be Increase Your Blood Sugar, Avoid These Things

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Corona Infected Patient May Get Second Dose Of Vaccine? – CORONA VACCINATION : Can a corona infected patient get a second dose of the vaccine?

The country’s largest anti-corona vaccination campaign has started to deal with the epidemic. First of all, Corona Warrior i.e. frontline workers and paramedical staff, civil servants, police, army are getting Corona Kavach i.e. Kovishield and indigenous covaccine. Many questions are arising in the mind of the common man regarding vaccine and vaccination. Answering every question … Read more

Due To Weakness In Muscles, Shoulder Pain Occurs – Hello Doctor

Question: There is strange sound in stomach. Gas is formed in the stomach all the time. Tell me some solution?Shankar Kumar, 35 years old Hello Doctor- The shoulder also comes down again and again due to muscle weakness Answer: It mainly happens due to bad routine and wrong diet. To avoid this, daily exercise is … Read more