What Should Parents Do If The Child’s Behavior Starts Changing? – Child Behavior: What should parents do if the child’s behavior starts changing?

When children’s emotional needs are not met in the family, they look for new friends teen Between puberty, physical and mental development in children is relatively rapid. During this period, there are many changes in the mental state of the children. At this age the teenager struggles for his identity. In such a situation, sometimes … Read more

Dont Argue With Kids, Handle Them With Love

Most parents are troubled by such questions. I would suggest you in general. When a child argues with a parent, my first question is what is the reason? Question: I have a six year old son. When he wants something, he is stubborn and does not agree even after much persuasion, no matter what reason … Read more

I Think Love And Toys Disrupt My Daughters Life

Allow a six-month-old girl to mingle with family members as restrictions become a source of trouble. Take care of the girl child. Let him live his childhood well. Question: I have a 6 month old daughter whom every member of the family loves very much. I think people will make my daughter stubborn by giving … Read more

Habbits Of Kid Is Trouble For Family, What Can We Do

Do not intimidate the child by getting upset with his habit. Be nice, the problem will be solved. American teacher Meghan Leah is the mother and parent coach of three children. Parents ask them solutions regarding their children. One such question- My six year old child is very nice but the whole family is troubled … Read more

Take These Great Precautions While Bathing Your Baby In Winter

Children’s skin needs more care during winter. The cold and dry air of cold weather can snatch moisture from baby’s delicate skin. bathing your baby in winter New Delhi. As soon as the winter season comes, there is a need to take great care of the elderly to the children. Because the effect of cold … Read more

Take Care Of The Child In This Way While Handling Office – Working Women

New Delhi. Handling home and office work is a big challenge for women. Because after working on both sides, women get so tired that there is no time left for them to do any other work. And in such a situation, when it comes to children, this responsibility seems even greater. And if you are … Read more

This Diet Is Necessary For The Mother After Delivery

After delivery, the mother needs to include certain things in her diet so that she can get better nutrition. New Delhi. Women should take special care of themselves before and after pregnancy. For this, it is necessary to eat proper food so that the mother along with the child can get the right nutrition. Every … Read more

How To Make Newborns Hair Beautiful And Shiny

There is very little hair on the head of a newborn baby. Due to which the dirt soon starts to settle in the form of a layer. And this increases the chances of itching on the head of children. newborns hair beautiful and shiny New Delhi. After the birth of a newborn baby, a lot … Read more

Children In This Way The Difference Between GOOD TOUCH-BAD TOUC

Every mother should explain to her children the difference between good touch and bad touch. Know how you can explain to your children the difference between good and bad touch GOOD TOUCH-BAD TOUCH New Delhi. With the incidents of rape happening fast in the country, cases of child abuse and murder of children are being … Read more

Mother Accidentally Applied Such Cream To The Child

Mother applied cream to the child face bloated like a balloon cream to child New Delhi, Every parent makes every effort to make their child healthy, fit and healthy, but when this effort becomes the cause of trouble, then it becomes a problem for the parents. This happened in Zhangzhou, Fujian province of China. A … Read more